0° 0' South
0° 0' East
Alongside Eden. Wind: Light Airs. Sea calm
Situation at 20:00.

Command day concluded this morning at 07:30 after a very busy and challenging 24 hours. After the excitement of the squalls that passed through last night, the Youth Crew modified their plan to take into
account the change in wind direction. They succeeded in passing through a total of seven waypoints and arrived at their destination on time. After securing alongside in Eden, the command day debrief
provided an opportunity for the Youth Crew to critically analyse their experience and explore ways of transferring some of the lessons learned in to their future lives. The debrief is seen as an important
part of command day and produced some frank and open discussion.

After lunch, the Youth Crew went ashore and visited the Eden Killer Whale museum and then descended upon the local shops. When they returned onboard, Chef Stony had a magnificant Barbeque prepared and
all hands enjoyed a teak beach supper.

The Ship's concert has just finished and it was a terrific event that saw a surprising display of imagination and talent. The crews on the other vessels alongside in Eden are no doubt thinking that there was a Halloween party going on.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Brain Teaser:What colour does a Smurf go when you choke him?? Why is abbreviation such a long word?? What if there were no hypothetical questions??

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Braces- The lines secured to the yard arms (the ends) used to brace (swing around) the yards to adjust the
angle between the square sails and the wind. One brace is connected to each yard arm of the three yards.
Ratlines- Wooden Bars secured across the shrouds to make a ladder up the mast.

Thought of the day: Do not pray for easy times; pray to be stronger. Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers; pray for powers
equal to your tasks. John F Kennedy.

Yours, Aye

John Cowan

Hey everyone, it's me, Declan. I'm pretty good at the moment and am enjoying myself greatly. So far its been great fun and I've learnt a lot about sailing. Earlier we had the ships concert and I was the MC.
That was great fun and everyone had a great time and a good laugh. Thats all for now.
See-ya, Declan.

Hi to the world, this is Julia and I'm having a blast. This has been
a really intense experience with every moment involving some sort of
challenge and at the same time, the greatest fun. Everyone are such good friends now no-one wants to leave. It's been an unforgettable 7 days. Hi to everyone at home and to mum I'd like to say happy 50th
birthday, see you on Saturday. xxx