Voyage name: 
10 October - 21 October
Currently located 15nm to the north of Cape Cuvier and experiecing moderate S-SW winds with a 1m swell.

Hi Everyone,
What a difference a night at anchor makes! The Youth Crew were awake and on deck at 0630 full of energy and eager to start a new day. Following an early morning activity and breakfast the anchor was weighed and Young Endeavour departed Bateman Bay under engines. Once in open water a full press of fore and aft sail was set and a course shaped to the south west. Overnight the wind had moderated to less than 10kts which now made the conditions perfect for conducting the activities that had previously been missed due to the 40hrs of bad weather. The Navigator commenced the day's activities with his informative and interactive presentation on the scientific art of navigation. This was followed by a set of rotational tacks (this activity lets the Youth Crew experience each others tacking station) and to complete the day's activities I spent time with each of the watches discussing sail theory and in particular the intricacies of sailing a square rigged sailing ship. At times our activities were pleasantly interrupted by breaching whales and a pod of dolphins keen for a frolic and free ride in our bow wave. Cameras were always at the ready and some great photographs were taken of these magnificent creatures. By sunset we were located 30nm to the north of Cape Cuvier making steady progress towards our next anchorage which is now planned to be Shark Bay.

Off Special Note: A great day with not one sign of seasickness from any of the Youth Crew!

PS. Please find attached some Youth Crew Log entries.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

Youth Crew Captains Log Entries

Hi to all my family and friends!!! Missing you all and I hope you guys aren't too lonely without me. This trip has been amazing and you would not believe this but I finally found my sea legs! After 3 days of sea sickness I thought I was never going to get over it but now Im feeling good as gold. I've just been steering the helm and I am surprised at what I have learnt. Looking forward to my birthday in a few days and I would like to wish Monique all the best for your Japanese exam�trust me its easy, just relax! Chat to you all when I get back.
Love Always
Jac Stevensing

Hey everyone�. Hope your all going well. I'm having an awesome time learning all about the Young Endeavour� while sea sickness wasn't MUCH of an issue I still don't seem to have my sea legs- when ever I want to walk one way the ship always seems to want to go the other way� only a few bruises at the moment� but still a week to go. I'm in the white group and the girls just beat the boys in a ship knowledge test� thanks for the hot chocolates boys!!! Hope the studying is going well for your HSC Ash� your awesome, and I know you'll do well.
Love you all
Casey Preston xoxo