21° 7' South
149° 13'
Wind SE 12kts, Temp 20, clear evening
The YC worked very hard for every mile they sailed overnight. The ship was required to tack regularly through the night as the ship worked SE towards Scawfell Is. The YC went from strength to strength and should be very proud of their efforts. It was a great team effort and they were well led by the elected Command Team.

Overnight, Nina one of the YC managed to fall from her bunk and knock her head quite badly in the process. She was OK but I decided to err on the side of caution and seek medical attention. Rather than finish the command day at Scawfell Is the ship sailed onwards to Mackay arriving at 1400. Once alongside the Beach Assault Team (BAT) was sent ashore to reclaim a bit of Australia for the youth of Australia. The BAT, who had really dressed for the occasion, managed to amuse/frighten/bewilder some of the locals on the beach when asked to join in singing the national anthem. Despite not being able to make their final destination the command day was very successful with a good team putting in a tremendous effort.

Nina came back from the Doc fit to continue the voyage, which was great news, and this evening we will go to a local park for a BBQ. We will return onboard for the command day debrief later on.

YC entry by Lana Collison (age 23 from Maitland, NSW) - By Monday afternoon we were well into our Command Day, with several tasks undertaken already, we prepared for a night of little and disjointed sleep and many more tacks. Our Youth Command Crew was getting the hang of running the ship and ordering the remainder of the YC and staff around. Throughout the night the call of 'hands to tacking stations' became familiar and exhausting. Spirits and motivation of the crew remained high and we employed various methods to keep the watches on their toes. (I thoroughly enjoyed dancing lessons on deck at 0430 in the morning). As the sun rose with beautiful pink and orange hues, our dedicated YC cooks prepared a yum yum breakfast to keep the crew happy and help to get us through a long day. Command Day drew to an end with Scawfell Island in sight and although we didn't arrive at our destination, the YC worked well together, just like a smooth and funky dance move.

Chat tomorrow

Andrew (and Lana)