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CO's Log Wednesday 13 Jun 01

Current situation at 1800: At sea off Cape Wessels. Temp 27C. Wind sou'east at 22 knots.
We left Gove this morning at 0700 and set all our sails for a great day of smoking-high speed toward the north. It's a little rough but the YC are now salty sea dogs and used to the motion. A few have enjoyed being on the bowsprit and digging into a few large swells.

After a break, the general feeling is that it's good to be back on the high seas, and shipping some green water. We've averaged about 8 knots and we will wear ship this evening and head west towards our next destination of Goulbourn Island which is about 250 miles away.

The YC are becoming very good sailors and improving as a team. The next goal for them will be an extended Command Day planned for Saturday and lasting 42 hours instead of the normal 24.

No takers for the YC entry tonight.

Stay tuned

Andrew Davis