25° 47' South
153° 22' East

Co 200, Sp 5.5 kts

Wind 140 / 22 kts

Good Evening Shipmates,

Not a lot of sleep last night! The seas continued to build as the ship worked southwards against the 30 kt sou Easter and there are some pretty big pot holes out here it would seem. Certainly up forward where the YC are berthed, sleep would have been a challenge. It was a tired crew who presented at morning brief. Although tired, the YC have maintained their high spirits and are working together very well. We had a fairly relaxed forenoon watch as the winds slowly started to abate and in the afternoon I tested each watch in turn in their ability to safely set and furl the sails in preparation for Command Day. All watches passed. Later in the afternoon I briefed the YC on my expectations of them for Command Day and then left them to hold their elections which from the cheers and noise coming from the midships region would suggest they were enthusiastically contested.

We have just completed a tack at 2000 and the wind remains fresh from the SE at 20-25 kts and it looks like it will be another long night of tacking in pretty bumpy conditions. We are expecting the winds to further abate and back to the north east tomorrow morning. Hopefully on Command Day we will be able to ease the sheets and even set some of the square sails. We will handover tomorrow at 1000.

Captain Gunna

Carpe’ diem