32° 2' South
115° 44' East
Wind Southerly at 10-12 knots, temperature 22 degrees C, sea state is calm with no appreciable swell (although some of the Youth Crew when they were up the mast were telling me the ship was rocking a lot).
Hi everybody,

We sailed from Fremantle this afternoon a few minutes ahead of schedule to allow the WA Sail Training Ship Leeuwin II, who was berthed inboard of us, to sail. We departed under bright clear skies and light wind - a plethora of local pleasure craft crowding the harbour as we headed for open seas. Well, not quite the open seas because we merely turned north out of Fremantle Harbour and proceeded to anchor off Port Beach just the other side of the Harbour some 45 minutes later! The reason for anchoring on the first night is so that we can do our various welcomes, introductions and familiarisations in a degree of comfort. Importantly though, we need a nice calm sea to allow the Youth Crew the best opportunity to do their first climb up the mast - without a doubt an activity that challenges even the best. I have just come down from the fore mast and can report that everyone has managed to climb to the top and (somewhat comfortingly) return on deck! A great achievement after a long day.

The intention is to remain at the anchorage overnight and proceed to sea proper tomorrow for passage down the coast. The weather is looking okay at this stage so we will probably make good ground to the south as soon as we can - putting a few miles in the bank so to speak.

Until tomorrow take care,

Dave J (Yak)
Voyage Captain