150° 43' South
34° 8' East
At anchor in Jervis Bay. Wind: Sou\\'East at 10 kts, Sea State 1, Sky overcast.
Situation at 2000-

Last night the Southerly change came through as forecast and brought with it strong winds and cool temperatures. Thirty knots of
wind and four metre swells made it a sloppy uncomfortable ride overnight and forced us to clew up the square sails and beat to
windward towards Jervis Bay. Most of the Youth Crew turned varying shades of green, but despite that everyone performed well and
supported each other.

At sunrise the seas picked up Chef Stony found few customers standing in line for breakfast. At the morning brief, Navigator
Lauren outlined the progress we have made so far in the voyage. The spewometer was reading \\'High\\' but the chance of better weather ahead should see it drop soon.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR anchored in Jervis Bay at 13:00 and there was an immediate improvement in the colour of the Youth Crew. Before long
all hands were enjoying \\'Rope Races\\' which was followed by a lecture on Navigation from Lauren. Chef Stony outdid himself with a brilliant Pizza for Supper followed by Vanilla Slice for \\\Duff\\\". The Youth Crew
have just completed their three-way talks, which were very cleverly and humourously done.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship is maintained to Lloyd\\'s Register survey requirements of 100 A1 Sail Training Ships. Lloyd\\'s are recognised as a world leader in sailing ship certification. The Ship\\'s safety equipment is maintained to both Lloyd\\'s Register and the Royal Australian Navy\\'s standard.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR GLOSSARY:Standing Rigging-The rigging that supports the masts and bowsprit and takes the sailing loads. It is
set up when the ship is rigged and if properly maintained will retain its integrity for a considerable number of years.
Running Rigging-The wire, rope and chains, along with their blocks, shackles and purchases used for setting, furling and adjusting the sails.

Thought Of The Day: The truely educated man is the one who knows and can properly appraise the consequences of his actions. Sidney Harris.

Yours, Aye

John Cowan