Voyage name: 
V07/21 Gladstone to Airlie Beach
02 Jul - 12 Jul 2021
20 00.4' S
149 00.5' E
Wind: 110 / 12 kn, Sea: 1.0 m from ESE Swell: 1.0 m from SE, Weather: Overcast with occasional showers Temp: 19 deg C
After doing an early morning transit through Solway Passage, we did a flyby the boats anchored at the southern end of Whitehaven Beach and then anchored at the northern end. We then put the crew ashore at Hill Inlet to walk up to the lookout and then play some beach games.
Our morning started at midnight with the guts watch where we practiced setting and furling the forestay sail under the skilful hand of our watch leader Bobby. After handing over to the morning watch we then woke up sailing into the Whitsundays. After a quick anchorage at Whitehaven Beach and a snappy happy hour clean, and then gathered our watches to complete our mid-voyage goals review. After yet another fabulous lunch prepared by the one and only Adam, we set across to Whitehaven Beach to explore the lookout and Tongue Bay. After taking in the spectacular views, we proceeded back down to the beach to play some beach games. We then went for a swim to cool off in some of the clearest waters Australia has to offer. Amidst this, many references to Jack Sparrow’s famous jar of dirt were made, much to the humour of the Youth Crew. A treacherous journey on the RHIB then took us back to Young Endeavour, where everyone had a quick hot shower and took the opportunity to wash our swimmers on deck. Not long after, we prepared to set sail. All hands to the deck to set the: Jib, Forestay Sail, Main Sail and the Main Staysail. This was the first time we left anchorage using only our sails! Once the sails were set, the first watch of the evening commenced while the other watches had dinner and prepared for their night watches. With only 5 days to go, everything is kicking into top gear as Command Day looms in the distance. It’s safe to say that we are all keen for a good night’s rest because we will surely need it for the challenges we will face in the days to come. -------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you Gibby and Schalk for your entertaining narrative of yesterday's events. Firstly apologies for being unable to transmit this log last night, but connectivity, or the lack of it, conspired against me. A very full day yesterday, getting to see the beautiful Hill Inlet and the breathtaking view from the lookout, as well as some quality seatime overnight to further consolidate what the youth crew has learnt so far, and leading into Command Day. We have another fun-packed day planned today and then another night at sea tonight, before anchoring in Cid Harbour tomorrow. Until tonight. Yours Aye, Captain Mike
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