Voyage name: 
V08/21 Airlie Beach to Cairns
15 Jul - 25 Jul 2021
18 58.1' S
147 16.2' E
Wind: 070 at 7 Kn, Sea: 0.25 m and Swell: 0.5 m from SE, Weather: fine and clear Temp: 23 deg C
Remained at Sea on passage to Hinchinbrook Island.
Hi! Tiarna and Sophie here from Blue Watch! This is the captain’s log for day 5 of voyage 8! Our day started at 11:15pm when we were woken for our overnight watch. We very impressively managed to square the yards with a team of 5 plus our watch leader Reggie. Blue watch is making the impossible possible. As we were doing that we were blessed to have dolphins hunting flying fish alongside our ship! At 4am we handed over to red watch and got a few hours sleep before breakfast, served by our amazing chef Adam. We have had a busy day with the usual navigation, look outs, setting and furling sails and learning more about our ship. We then completed the third round of ‘ropies’ which entailed memorising the specific lines for the three square sails. As well as a little eating competition, blue watch is of course dominating the game. And planning to take up the three main roles during command day (Sophie as Captain, Nick as navigator and Jules as sail master) Next we learnt the road rules from the amazing Jordo, and sail theory from Captain Mike. It’s now 5pm and we are excited for dinner and the 8-12pm watch. Mum and Dad I can’t drive a car but I can steer a ship! (Tiarna) ------------------------------------- Thank you Tiarna and Sophie for your narrative of today's events. Tomorrow we plan to anchor in Zoe Bay on Hinchinbrook Island and go ashore for a few hours for a walk and a swim in a rock pool. Until tomorrow, Yours Aye, Captain Mike
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