Voyage name: 
V 07/17
27 April - 06 March
33 34.8' S
151 16.6' E
Wind Light and variable (sheltered anchorage), Weather fine, Swell nil, Temp 17 deg. C
Conducted Demonstrational Tacks, anchored Patonga for run ashore then moved to sheltered anchorage overnight.
After a slightly uncomfortable night caused by a beam swell inducing an incessant rolling motion we were greeted by a beautiful sunny morning. We sailed most of the night with all squares set running on a northerly course. After breakfast and morning brief, at which Salty explained the nautical origin of the expression 'to shake a leg', the watches we clewed up the squares and set the fore-and -aft sails and we conducted Demonstrational Tacks. During this activity, like everything we do, is aimed at preparing the Youthies for command day by showing them what we do on the bridge when we Tack or Wear the Ship.

After another of Marcos' delicious lunches we anchored off Patonga, near the entrance to Broken Bay, and put the crew ashore by sea boat for some exercise and the opportunity to checkout this lovely seaside town. Some of the crew enjoyed a bushwalk to a local lookout that gave a great view of the bay we anchored in.

The crew embarked once again, we weighed anchor and proceeded to anchor in Hungry Bay, on the southern side of Broken Bay, which would provide more shelter from the 20 Kn SE winds forecast for overnight. It is a beautiful spot which the crew enjoyed during our 'teak deck' bbq dinner.

Until tomorrow.

Yours Aye, Captain Mike