35° 18' South
150° 45' East
Wind S/SE'ly 15kts, sea southerly 1 1/2 meters, cloud cover 60%, precipitation visible
Last night was spent catching up on some of the sleep reserves that were lower than normal after the extended Bass Strait crossing. This morning we woke at 0600 and were underway by 0640. With a steady 15kt southerly we set sail from Eden and continued our passage up the NSW coast, bound for Jervis Bay. Just before lunch we were treated to the sight of around 5 Humpback Whales not 50 meters off the planned nav track. It was an awesome sight to see these majestic creatures breaching and waving their tales in the air like they were giving us a cheery wave as we passed.

This afternoon continued with the trend of busy days, with all watches comming up on deck to spend around an hour with their watch leaders going over line handling and deck safety and sail setting drills one last time before a fun round of rope races and the all important 'Captains setting and furling drills'. This is just about the last hoop the Youth Crew have to jump through to prove to the Captain that they are competant and ready to take command of the ship for command day. It's all about safety first!!! All watches passed with flying colours and were then rewarded with the cullinary excellence we've come to expect from Chad the Cheffo!

Below are comments from some of the Youth Crew:


When I first analysed the program of the Young Endeavour I thought we'd never get to do any proper sailing with lectures about things I thought I could never get my head around, but now I'm here and actually attending the lectures I have learnt more then I would of thought possible, as they teach in a manner that is built to suit each youth crew individually which makes learning all the ropes, sails and the workings of the ship extremely easy to comprehend as they work in short session giving you the information that is needed for you to complete a required task onboard. When we first got onboard we did limited things such as setting sails but rapidly we have learnt how to steer, navigate and tack and wear a ship which for most of us was far beyond our expectations. Another great thing about the staffies is that they motivate and encourage but do not force or pressure
you to do anything you feel uncomfortable doing; Jake, James, Goldy and Myself have experienced this; the other night in rough conditions the Mainsail needed to be furled and then tied down to the mast, although we had only climbed the foremast in the upmost favourable conditions we knew we were capable of accomplishing the task through the support and guidance of the intelligent and ever youthful staff. this is the type of one of a kind experience that happens everyday onboard and what all youthcrew have an opportunity to take part in.


As i sit here and ponder over the voyage over the past 7 days, I find it hard to encapsulate with my limited literaturary skills the feelings and memories into words that would form an image that would truly define the personal and spiritual growth experienced by all onboard the Young Endeavour. Thinking back over the expectations I held before embarking on the epic adventure I think that only the scurviest of Sea Dogs could have told me of the times of colossal joy and fun that i have taken part in so far. for those who wish to experience this get into it and give it your best shot as it is one of the best things you will ever do....


The Young Enedavour, how do you explain it. Explaining everything it is and stands for would take a life time, detailing everything that has happened be it physical or inner. However there has been many varied highlights that have stood out on my time here on the Young Endeavour. The first couple of days were some what of a blur as most of the time I stumbled between bed, toilet, guard rail and bridge failing many a times in the process and feeling sick as a dog to add. But after a couple of days it was easily overcome and I began to take in all that surrounded me. The vast ocean and water ranges, the magnificent vessel in which I was travelling on and being a part of and the crew and people onboard. The staff or boss, men and women that have run the show have been great in every area. Helping and guiding us in becoming true sailors and learning everything needed to become one be it theoritical in the lectures or practical in the tacking and setting. As well on the way making it as funny as possible at almost every other moment. The youth onboard has been great too, the vast array of people from different backgrounds be it state, culture age whatever they have all played a part on my journey. They have made my time on the boat worthwhile, a memory I'll never forget and will always cherish. Be it the people on board, the ship itself or the water in which forever surrounds it, each have made my time here a fun one, a happy one, an educated one and one I'll always look back on as educational and learning but fun.