Voyage name: 
V17/17 Sydney to Sydney
04 Dec - 14 Dec 2017
35 08.0' S
150 44.2' E

Wind - southerly at 12 kn, Weather - fine, overcast with the occasional shower, Swell - Nil, Temp - 17 deg. C

Ahoy there Shipmates,
After a hectic night in high winds and long low swells we entered Jervis Bay at 0645, after giving way to the RAN Flag Ship, HMAS Canberra, to enable her to enter the bay ahead of us, unobstructed. She was going to be anchoring and then discharging a formation of Army personnel and equipment at HMAS Creswell using their LLC amphibious craft.
We berthed at HMAS Creswell wharf and topped up our fresh water before proceeding into the bay centre to conduct Demonstrational Tacks. This activity is where we rotate all of the youth crew having groups of them on the bridge while we Tack or Wear Ship, talking them through what we are doing and why, to enable them to be able to do it themselves on Command Day.
On completion we proceeded to anchor in the lee of the southern shore of the bay to gain shelter from the forecast strong southerlies. After another delicious lunch from Keely we put the crew ashore using the Sea Boat, for a couple of hours to play some organised games and enjoy the beautiful white sandy beaches.
Red Watch returned first and I gave them my Sail Theory presentation as they missed it yesterday. This was followed by a Teak Deck dinner of a variety of delicious burger types that Keely had whipped-up for us.
Once we had cleaned-up after dinner and our food had settled we had Round 3 of ‘Rope Races’, the competitive, non-competitive activity designed to encourage the youthies to develop their Ship knowledge. This was followed by a film, entitled ‘Around Cape Horn’ about the adventures of Captain Irving Johnston aboard the famous Barque ‘Peking’ as a young seaman. It is a great film for putting what the youthies have learned, so far, into perspective compared to what was necessary to learn in a massive ship like the Peking.
At 2100 Navigator Adam gave the crew a briefing on the requirements of keeping anchor watches, which the youth crew will be doing tonight, along with the Staff Crew members. It is intended to remain at this anchorage overnight.
Until tomorrow evening.
Yours Aye
Captain Mike