18° 50' South
146° 52' East
Wind SE at 24 knots.
1. Situation at 1900

2. Last night the youth crew completed their second climb in the challenging conditions at anchor in Horseshoe Bay. It was pleasing to see how many pushed themselves in the demanding climb to the top of the foremast and onto the yards. The view from the top was unfortunately obscured by several light showers of rain however spirits remained high.

3. An early start this morning was followed with the ceremony of colours and morning brief. XO Hibbo detailed the plan for the day, Enginner Horto explained the inner workings of the ship's Heads and Chef Speedy explained a few guidelines relating to brew mugs and their breeding habits. Salty Sea Dog Hector then explained the origins of the terms PORT and STARBOARD in an animated display using the fine props of two kitchen knives, a spatular, a butternut pumpkin and a very scared stuffed toy.

4. After the morning Happy Hour, a sparkling clean YOUNG ENDEAVOUR
weighed anchor at 1000 and proceeded to sea. The fresh winds provided excellent sailing conditions for set and furl drills before lunch and tacking stations after lunch. The youth crew have quickly mastered their new tacking stations which is an essential skill in the relatively narrow confines of the Great Barrier Reef.

5. The south easterly trade winds which are common for this time of year are presenting the unusual problem of the ship having to hand in sail so we don't overshoot our destination of Dunk Island. A far more pleasurable dilema than having to motor sail into headwinds.

6. The Ship is a little quieter tonight as the youth crew off watch catch up on a bit of rest, however there will be plenty of sailing practice tonight to keep all happy.


In the Great Barrier Reef area YOUNG ENDEAVOUR reports to the REEFREP
Ship Reporting System. This system aims to enhance the navigational
safety in the area of the Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait.
We report via two methods - VHF Radio reports at designated waypoints
and additionally by Inmarsat C automatic polling. Inmarsat C terminals are satellite data terminals that are capable of transmitting and receiving messages and form part of the GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) that YOUNG ENDEAVOUR complies with.

\The depth and strength of a human character are defined by its moral reserves. People reveal themselves completely only when they are thrown out of the customary conditions of their life, for only then do they have to fall back on their reserves.\" Leon Trotsky

Yours Aye

Phil Gaden
Acting Commanding Officer.


Heidi, 21, Sunshine Coast
The sun was shining today and everyone got out on deck and was listening to music. The staff are awesome, and I have made lots of new friends and am still getting used to the 90 second showers!! but I am having a ball and can't wait to see the photos!

David, 21, Mackay
Life on board the Young Endavour is good with the crew knowing what they're talking about, and for the past couple of days or so its been overcast, and we have been working hard with the sails, which meant we knockedg up a sweat ot two and thats about it.

Merissa, 18, Darwin
The voyage so far has been awesome. The sea has had swells of about two metres and quite a few people are feeling it. I think about seven people have spewed up already and aren't feeling too flash. We climbed up the mast last night all the way to the top and went out on the yards, it was such an awesome experience and everyone went up at least halfway!"