17° 54' South
146° 9' East
Wind SE at 16 knots.

1. Situation at 2000

2. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR experienced a wonderful night sailing last night
with a fair breeze and a following sea. We made good time to the
north, however the confines of the reef saw us wear ship at midnight
and again at 0400. Wearing ship is similar to tacking however we
pass the stern of the ship through the wind instead of the bow. Like
tacking all hands were required on deck resulting in a few sleepy
heads this morning.

3. Another entertaining Morning Brief at 0900 saw Navigator Georgie
show where the ship had sailed the previous evening and Salty Sea Dog
Hector explained the origins of the term 'Heads' for the toilets
onboard. For a very short period of time YOUNG ENDEAVOUR was adorned
with a very attractive figure head to assist in the explaination!

4. After the morning Happy Hour, YOUNG ENDEAVOUR made an impressive
sight heading towards Dunk Island with the Forestay Sail, Topgallant,
Topsail, Mainstay Sail and Topgallant Staysail set. We came to
anchor shortly after lunch. The youth crew, with appetites and
personalities very much back, were keen to head ashore for a quick
sport afternoon.

5. The sports day was a resounding success with the staff remaining
undefeated in the all important game of dodge ball. Watchleader
Rachael amused all with her ball throwing skills, whilst XO Hibbo
ended up covered head to toe in sand much to everyone else's
amusement. Thanks to Watchleader's Brodie, Bec and Rachael for
organising such a fun afternoon.

6. A magnificent Teak Deck BBQ was enjoyed by everyone. Chef Speedy
and celebrity Chef Horto provided a magnificent feast. Indeed the
number of customers at dinner increased markedly from the previous
evening - a sure sign most are over their sea-sickness.

7. After an interesting round of Three Way Talks where we all learnt
a lot about each other, the ship made preparations to proceed to sea
and continue north towards Cairns. We have just weighed anchor and
are now busy setting sails for our short transit. We hope the wind
holds fair and look forward to coming to anchor near Cairns tomorrow


YOUNG ENDEAVOUR is part of the Australian Voluntary Observing Fleet.
Whilst underway we report weather conditions to the Bureau of
Meteorology every six hours. These reports are then used by the
Bureau to assist in compiling weather forecasts. The youth crew
assist in taking weather observations which include: wind speed and
direction, sea state, swell size and direction, cloud cover and type,
visibility, temperature wet and dry bulb and barometric pressure.


\Whatever we have done with our lives makes us what we are when we
die. And everything, absolutely everything counts...\" Anon.

Yours Aye

Phil Gaden
Acting Commanding Officer.


Megan, 23, Brisbane
We have all managed to get our sea legs after the first three days.
This was probably also helped by a quick visit to Dunk Island today
for a sports' afternoon of which Blue Watch convincingly conquered
all other watches and staff. We are all having a great time and
making great friends. Our hands are a little sore and sorry, but we
don't want the trip to end! (Captains Note - Blue Watch did not
convincingly beat staff at all - we won Dodgeball outright and based
on number of participants beat Blue Watch on countback at

Katrina, 19, The Big T!! (Townsville)
After leaving Townsville slightly after time on Monday morning, we
spent the night anchored at Magnetic Island. The Blue Watch then woke
early on Tuesday and got the wonderful chance to wake the rest of the
youth crew!!! Then we set off for Cairns - but in the wrong
direction!! But after a few practice tacks (changes in direction) we
were heading in the right direction. Today we made for Dunk Island
and had a great afternoon of fun and games - on dry land!!! Now we
are all looking forward to our arrival in Cairns tomorrow afternoon
and our special day on friday.