32° 5' South
152° 49' East
a great 24 hours of good wind
Ahoy Shipmates,

After a great 24 hours of good wind the ship is now well down the track to Coff's Harbour, which will be our first anchorage. If the wind holds out we should be there tomorrow forenoon.

Overnight we had some pretty exciting sailing, with all of the watches working hard. Everyone got the chance to work aloft, and set and furl lots of sails during their watches, as well as the usual requirement for steering, rounds, and lookout duties. After morning brief today we had \happy hour\" (aka cleaning stations) and a round of rope races. Following Mick's exciting and enthralling navigation lecture, we had an un alerted man overboard exercise under full sail. I'm happy to say it all went very well. After the exercise we tested the shark rifle, and had some target practice at the man overboard smoke float.

Tonight we will have another night of watches, and we should arrive in Coff's Harbour in time for stations!

Until tomorrow,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Lieutenant Commander, RAN