19° 51' South
148° 59' East
Champagne Sailing! Wind SE 30 knots, Sea moderate, occasional showers
Ahoy me Hearties,

What a busy day we have had! It started at 0630 this morning with a swim (swing included). After the usual morning routine of colours, morning brief and happy hour, we had a second round of three way talks to help us get to know each other better and to assist the meeker mebers of the team with their public speaking. After lunch we had a round of rope races, before sailing from anchor in the freshening SE Breeze. During the afternoon we had a cake for Danny's 21st Birthday, and demonstration tacks, where the Youth Crew take it in turns to get a bridge-eye veiw of tacking ship.

Earlier this evening the wind freshened, and it is now (2030) blowing 30 knots. We are now sailing \full and by\" hard on the breeze and are enjoying an exhilarating ride in the increasingly rough seas. We have had our first seasickies of the voyage - well done to Lachlan and Willa for being the first to go - not a bad effort after nearly a week...And I'm sure they won't be the last!

Tomorrow we are hopeful of getting out to Hook Reef to go snorkelling, however the weather may not be calm enough to let it happen - we will try our best. The team are now spending their last night at sea before Command Day making sure they have learned all they can before they take over the ship. I'll let you know how they fared.

Until tomorrow, Shipmates,

Yours Aye

Captain Chris

P.S. - We got our injured YC member back late last night - three stiches later he is in very good spirits. "