40° 58' South
173° 25' East
Beautiful! Wind northerly at 12 knots, sea calm, warm.
Ahoy Shipmates,

We have finally made it across the Tasman and will soon be coming to anchor near Nelson. To tell you about their trip so far, here are Linda and Homer:

Hi everyone!!
Well today red watch (our watch) saw the first land we have seen since last Tuesday. New Zealand greeted us with clear skies and a beautiful sunrise. From the upper yards of the foremast we enjoyed the views and after a stirring rendition of ���God Defend New Zealand' (fabulously sung by the red watch over the PA), the rest of the crew awoke to a beautiful view of the Southern Alps to the starboard side and Mt Egmont on the North Island to the port side.

After setting all the sails on the foremast and some relaxation time on the deck in the sun, it was time to judge the beard growing competition that has been running since we left Sydney. Jonno came out winner in the longest beard category, Chris won the try hard award, Horto the engineer won the neatest beard category and Grant the decorative beard award. Congratulations to them all, they won crowns and sashes made up by three of the female youth crew.

Tonight will be our first nights sleep at anchor in Delaware Bay, not far from Nelson. Tomorrow we are going to clear customs followed by an afternoon off in Nelson. It should be interesting standing on solid ground again!

Hi to everyone back home, will see you again in just over a week.

Linda and Homer

Tomorrow should be a really busy day, especially with the need to clear customs and Quarrantine - we hop to be able to givce everyone \Cinderella\" leave mid afternoon tomorrow in picturesque and histoic Nelson.

Until tomorrw, me hearties,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer"