24° 49' South
153° 1' East
Wind NNE 8 knots, clear calm and beaut!
Ahoy Shipmates,

What a fab 24 hours we have had. We spent an awesome time at our Fraser Is anchorage overnight, and started early this morning with EMA on the beach and a late breakfast. Happy Birthday was sung to Nanna for yesterday, with a big HIP HIP HOORAY. The ship was handed over to Youth Crew Command Team #1 at midday. To tell you about Command Day Part 1, Here is Captain Hayley:

First of all a BIG HELLO to all my family back in cold Vic, Miss you lots.. And all crew say hi to their family and friends.. P.S. This captain hat is the best bit!
Well command day for the youth crew began with opening of the pool for 10minutes, with most youth crew putting tarzan to shame swinging off the yard ropes into the open blue water. Bombs and belly wackers all present! New watches formed as Musgrave, Percy and Fraser. Back on board and navigators get working to determine the quickest route towards our first way point, whilst having to incorporate wind direction and speed. Mainsail set, followed by forstaysail, mainstaysail and jib, and finally topgallant. Young endeavour was finally away in north westerly 5-8 knot winds. A quick adjustment to sails got her up to sailing speed of 2 knots! Big cheer! Briefing to all crew was carried out, and sadly first way point missed due to difficulty with momvement in light winds.

First set of tasks achevied this afternoon with chalk drawing on midships deck of the journey so far and 22 crew climbing aloft whilst the sun setting to capture a fantastic photo. An amazing total of 10 whales and 15 dolphins spotted today. Whilst leaving Fraser, 3 dolphins chased the rubber ducks around the ship, playing games and doing tricks for about 10 mins. Very special to see..

The chefs are currently working hard on the task of cooking a theme night dinner.. We're all excited to be having Chritsmas dinner tonight! Sun is currently setting and we're travelling a very impressive 2.6 knots in 7.6 knots winds. Teamwork has been great and the aim of this watch has been \Relax, have fun and be safe\" and we're achieving that so far. Off we sail, chasing the sun towards Bundaberg and changing shifts at midnight. What a fabulous day!

Until tomorrow, me hearties..."