20° 58' South
149° 37' East
The wind is from the SSE at 20-25 knots - this means we are sailing on the wind and have to tack every few hours to \zig zag\" towards our next anchorage. The sea is relatively calm with waves of about 1m high."
Ahoy Shipmates!

We have just had a great 24 hours sailing south from the Whitsundays, enroute to Middle Percy Island. Late yesterday we learned line handling and deck safety drills, setting and furling drills, and how to tack the ship. This was all put to good effect overnight with the ship having to tack three times in the confined waters inside the Great Barrier Reef.

This morning after a busy night a weary youth crew turned to for morning brief, Lisa's Navigiation lecture extravaganza, and \Happy Hour\". Early this afternoon we tacked the ship (again), and had a sail theory lecture. the rest of today and tonight will be spent in watches consolidating the huge amount of new information that everyone has had to absorb. Added to the toll that tiredness and seasickness is taking, eveyone is happy to settle down for a bit of quiet time!

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we wil go to anchor at Middle Percy Island for a BBQ, some sport and three-way talks.

Until tomorrow, shipmates,

Yours Aye

Chris Galloway
Lieutenant Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer"