Voyage name: 
V17/17 Sydney to Sydney
04 Dec - 14 Dec 2017
34 57.0' S
150 55.8'E

Wind - 060/15 kn, Weather - fine, Swell - from the east 1.0m, Temp: 19 deg. C

Ahoy there Shipmates,
Overnight the Ship remained at anchor in Jervis Bay. The strong winds abated and backed overnight and at sunrise we were experiencing light south westerlies. Sail Master Guv piped Wakey wakey at 0630 with the smell of fresh-baked focaccia wafting up from the galley. Early morning activity was another swim and rope swing, although surprisingly about half of the crew chose not to avail themselves of the opportunity. A bacon and egg sandwich breakfast on deck then followed.
Salty paid another visit to our morning brief and explained the nautical origin of the expressions ‘to let the cat out of the bag’ ‘not enough room to swing a cat’ and ‘to have someone over a barrel’. The usual ‘Happy Hour’ followed. During the remainder of the forenoon we progressed deck safety and climbing training, whilst waiting for some wind.
During another of Keely’s mouth-watering lunches a light NE sea breeze kicked-in which enabled us to sail away from anchor and depart Jervis Bay.
Round 4 of Rope Races was held during the afternoon watch before we tacked the Ship to commence our northern run to Broken Bay.
The ship remained at sea overnight with the watches consolidating their setting and furling and navigation knowledge. They also undertook something during their night watches that we call ‘Apples and Onions’. It is a unique and revealing self-awareness activity, conducted under the careful control of the Watch Leaders.
It is intended that we will anchor the Ship tomorrow evening at Patonga, Broken Bay, in the late afternoon.
Until tomorrow evening,
Yours Aye
Captain Mike