20° 0' South
149° 7' East
Simply Awesome
Ahoy Shipmates,

We have just had the most awsome day. It started this morning at 0630 with a swim for Early Morning Activity (One in-all in) and then after the usual colours, morning brief and happy hour we had Phil's \Rules of the Road Extravaganza\". By late morning it had become quite warm and without wind we decided to head ashore to the beach for some beach a=games and a swim.

Lunch was another awesome feed from Sammi's \"Road Kill Grill\" after which we got into round two of rope races and watch photos. This led niv=cely in to a sail theory lecture as the wind finally arrived and we were able to sail from anchor, albeit a little delayed by some wire rope which had beome tangled around it as it was weighed. We then set every sail onboard and we are now sailing on a reach on the starboard tack going really well in the light breeze.

Tonight the YC are going to be very busy doing the \"Bearex\" teamwork exercise, and \"Apples and Onions\" which is an exercise in giving and receiving both positive and negative feedback.

Later tomorrow alll things being well we will go to anchor in Nara Inlet on Hook Island for the night. The three-day forecast has freshening winds and by Sunday we should expect 30 knots - Good sailing for us.

Until tomorrow, Ye Scurvy Lot,

Yours Aye

Captain Chris"