41° 41' South
175° 12' East
Wind - Northerly at 20 knots, sea calm, weather clear and warm.
Ahoy Shipmates,

Voyage 04/07 is away with a rush - last night we anchored in Wellington Harbour, and all of the Youth Crew (YC) made the climb all the way up to and out on the topgallant yard, about 30 m off the water. There were lots of shaky knees to be seen, but everyone did really well.

This morning the day started with early morning activity, followed by breakfast at Cafe Chad (he's the cook we are keeping happy so that he will bake bread every day...). Then it was \happy hour\", our final bit of sea safety training and then into the sail handling.

As the ship departed windy Wellington we experienced winds of 45 knots, in which we made 7-8 knots with just the topsail set. Since departure we have been concentrating on setting and furling drills, and deck safety.

Suze is currently giving a navigation lecture, which will be followed by several tacks to prove that we can tack the ship safely during the night. Overnight the ship will settle down into watches for the first part of our passage to Auckland.

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer"