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Wind SE 5 - 10 knots sea calm, clear
Ahoy Shipmates,

Here is YC Belinda to tell you about her voyage so far:

Hi everyone!

Well so far our voyage has been far from boring! Now that the entire youth crew seems to be over the sea sickness that hit us in the first few days, morale has lifted and we are having an absolute blast!!

After anchoring off at Lady Musgrave Island yesterday afternoon, we have enjoyed snorkelling on the reef followed by an awesome BBQ dinner on the deck and plenty of relaxation time with the crew. We had our three-way talks last night where we all got to know each other that little bit better than we thought we already did!

Last night were short watches of only 1.5 hours so we all got lots and lots of sleep! Which was great because we had to work really hard today! Sailing the ship from anchor plus lots of tacking and setting sails kept us very busy!

We are currently sailing with all sails set towards Great Keppel Island which we hope to anchor near tomorrow. This should mean some more good snorkelling and swimming opportunities near the reef.

The whole youth crew is having an awesome time. Everyone is being pushed way out of their comfort zones and you can see everyday that all of us are getting stronger as individuals and a group. I think the next 5 days are going to go really quickly!

Hope all our families are well, we look forward to seeing you soon!


What else can we say? see you tommorrow,

Yours Aye


Chris Galloway
Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer