41° 40' South
148° 11' East
Wind: NNE 20 knots, sea state low/med, weather clear and cool.
Ahoy Ye Lubbers,

Another terrific day has come and gone in the life of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR. Since yesterday's log the team have worked really hard to get themselves up to speed on safety and deck work, and we achieved two excellent tacks late in the afternoon to finish off a long day. Several Youth Crew were seasick, with Jo receiving the \Most spectacular/best coverage\" award for her effort 20m up the foremast. Well done Jo...

Overnight the ship settled down into watches with the \"crises\" phase of the voyage proceeding apace. Everyone learned how to steer, keep lookout, do rounds and sleep with the ship leaning over at a 25 degree angle.

Today we will finish \"happy hour\" ( I love the sound of cleaning in the morning...) and get into round 1 of \"rope races\", an interwatch nautical knowledge competition. After that we will have a navigation lecture from Jay, followed by some sail handling then lunch. After lunch we will get into sail theory part 1 followed by some \"down time\" and watches overnight. If the weather stays favourable, we should be able to get to anchor in beautiful Wineglass Bay before sunrise towmorrow morning.

Today the wind should shift into the west and increase to 35 knots - champagne sailing weather!

Until tomorrow, shipmates,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Lieutenant Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer"