30° 51' South
153° 51'
At anchor in Trial Bay Wind: South at 10 kts, Sea State: 1, Temp: 17
Captain's Log -

Situation at 23:30-

What a day this has been. We sailed from Coff's Harbour at 08:00 and shaped a course to the Sou'East to take advantage of the strong Sou'Westerly wind. Because of the time available and the distance to Sydney, Engineer Stewy was only too happy to be called upon to have the engines assist our passage South.

After a later than normal morning brief and happy hour, it was off to lunch. The rising wind and sea state made keeping the food on our plates a bit of a challenge but eventually all hands were able to enjoy Chef Karen's cooking. After lunch Captain John gathered the Youth Crew in the Cafe for the sailing theory presentation. The wet
and rocking conditions on the upperdeck made it preferable that this lecture be given below decks. The cramped quarters didn't allow for as much audience participation as he would have liked but Captain John was able to pass on the major points of sailing theory and the Youth Crew will have ample opportunity to practically apply this lesson before command day.

Throughout the day the wind continued to increase to 35 knots with some occassional gusts reaching 50 knots. By this time we had reduced sail to the Storm sails and were merrily pounding into the sea and making ground to the South at seven knots. Just when everything was going exceptionally well, Murphy's law kicked in and one of the Youth Crew tripped on the main sheets and tried to see if her head was harder than the teak deck. Unfortunately, she discovered that teak is in fact one of the hardest of woods and that the human head generally comes off second best in any direct confrontation. Her mishap was relatively minor but just to be safe we shaped a course for Trial Bay where she could be examined by a Doctor. We anchored there at 22:00 and the local Coastal Patrol provided the Youth Crew member and Chef Karen with transport to the Hospital. Shortly thereafter, we received news that she was fine and completely healthy. She and Karen will spend the night ashore with the Coastal Patrol waiting for the tide to rise high enough for the boat to clear the Bar and return them to YOUNG ENDEAVOUR. All in all it proved to be a bit of an adventure for them and they made some new friends. Many thanks to the Trial Bay Coastal Patrol who provided excellent assistance at short notice. The professionalism and helpfullness they showed have certainly left a favourable impression of Trial Bay and have made this small village a place that YOUNG ENDEAVOUR will visit in the future.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship shares her name with several other famous 'ENDEAVOUR's. The Bark ENDEAVOUR (Australia), HMNZS ENDEAVOUR (New Zealand), Space Shuttle ENDEAVOUR (USA) and YOUNG
ENDEAVOUR are all named after Captain Cook's famous Ship in which he became one of histories most accomplished and famous explorers.

YOUNG ENDEAVCOUR Glossary: Chainplates - Hull attachments to which the standing rigging is shackled. Dolphin Striker - A vertical bar
below the bowsprit used to tension the head rigging.

Thought of the day: Be not content with the commonplace in character anymore than with the commonplace in ambition or intellectual attainment. Do not expect that you will make any lasting or very strong impression on the world through intellectual power without the use of an equal amount of conscience and heart.

Yours, Aye
John Cowan