32° 57' South
133° 41'
At sea under fore and aft sail in the Investigator Group, west of Eyre Peninsula. Wind sou'westerly at 20 knots. Temp 17C.
Current situation at 1800:

The YC's spirits rose considerably today as they started to recover from a big night of tacking and some rough seas that made a few more rush to the rail. A pretty easy day was had as we haven't had much sleep over the past two nights.

Today the YC were treated to a navigation lecture that was rudely interrupted by some wayward members of some pop group from the 70's. Matthew Flinders would have been happy to see the YC learning navigation as we sailed through the group of islands which he named in honour of his ship. We also set and furled heaps of sails today as the wind rose and fell and even had time for a little afternoon siesta. Tonight we will continue south, the wind is in our favour and
by tomorrow afternoon we should reach the entrance to Spencer Gulf and see a few more islands.

Youth crew entry by Derek Byrne:
I am 16 years old,from Wagga Wagga in New South Wales. I am at the moment sailing on the Young Endeavour, and loving every bit of it. Hi Mum, hi Dad, hi everyone. There are bodies all over the deck and mostly over the side of the
boat, with their bums in the air. We have been climbing the mast in 30 knot winds, in 7 metre swells and it has been the best. This is the best fun! On a boat in a remote area, with good peaple and lots of wind: what more could you ask for? Food is great and the weather is good. Well I will cruise now, so I can go to bed, so bye people of the real world.

Stay tuned,

Andrew Davis