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Current Sitauation at 1800: At Anchor Rose Bay, Sydney Harbour in full view of the Bridge, Olympic rings and Opera House. A beautiful calm evening.
The Command Day finished at 0800 this morning when Tom Strong, Nigel Thembrow and David Boon guided the ship through Sydney Heads and to anchor in Rose Bay. Overnight the wind picked up slightly and helped the passage north. Phew - was the collective sigh from the Youth Crew. They had tacked many times the day before and got through the night without the infamous call 'hands to tacking stations'. Well almost - the ship was unintentionally tacked but saved - somehow...

A beautiful morning dawned and the winds dropped. With no other option other than to motor sail, we reached our objective with ease, thanks to teamwork and perseverance. I took back Command of the ship from YC 15A/00 at 0900.

As soon as we anchored the Beach Assault Team thundered (well, splashed heavily) ashore in the rubber boat and landed at Hermit Beach where they 'conned' a local to sing with them. Rene Rivkin was nearby in his yacht enjoying the Olympic sailing but declined the offer to dress up in silly clothes, wade ashore and sing the Young Endeavour version of Advance Australia Fair. Funny that.

Later that day the sails were harbour furled and end of voyage talks conducted. At the Command Day debrief the Youth Crew raised a lot of good points on how they could have improved their own Command Day and what lessons they could take away with them to practise in real life. It was a fairly solemn affair and I know they will remember their Command Day for a long while to come.

The concert was great. Again Tom Strong featured heavily, carrying out the duties of MC with aplomb and doing some good (in fact too good) impersonations of the Staffies - Ducky, Nathan and myself. The Staffies performed a version of the 'Real' Olympics and the Watches put on some great acts.

Tomorrow is the last day and I would like to finish with a Youth Crew entry by the Command Day Captain, Emma-Jane Ford:
My biggest fear of coming onboard the Young Endeavour was that I would not want to leave it. That fear has definetely been realised. At day nine, our life at sea feels completely natural and normal. Those tasks that were once overwhelming are now accomplished with ease and enjoyment. This has been the best teamwork experience I have ever been a part of particularly for such a large, diverse group of young Australians.

Speak Tomorrow

Andrew Davis