26° 5' South
153° 22'
Wind: South West @ 20 kts
Situation at 20:00

Last night all three watches were busy climbing aloft furling and securing the T'Gallant and Topsail. A wind gusting to 35 kts made for
a challenging experience but all hands turned to and completed their tasks in good order and, despite some green faces, nobody is any the
worse for wear.

Today has been spent fighting head winds trying to prevent us from reaching a quiet anchorage off of Noosa Head. We have had to tack several times (starting at 04:00) but we are now in a position to spend tomorrow at anchor, hopefully catching up on some rest and perhaps a chance to get ashore to stretch our legs. All of the Youth
Crew have now found their sea-legs and adapted well to life onboard a Tallship and Chef Karen once again has a full house at meal times.

In the afternoon, XO Paul conducted the second round of rope races and Captain John delivered a lecture on the theory of sailing. Later this week the Youth Crew will be able to put into practise what they have learned in theory.

Thought of the day: ...once the view is landless, there's no foretelling what any passage may bring. Richard Morris Day

Yours, Aye
John Cowan

Youth Crew Entry:
Greetings and salutations land legs, Anna/Miss H reporting. A big hello to all those Year 6 students at Peace, Gatton and a huge thank
you for teaching me how to tie knots - I won my 'rope off.' Just finishing my dish pig duties -if you can last that without being sick the 30 metre mast climb is a sinch. Some would say the Young Endeavour is all about food, others climbing, others sleep and yet others balance. I say it's about reaching greater heights, physically fighting fatigue, rope burn and blisters, mentally (there's a heap of ropes and sails to memorise), actually climbing aloft with the ship on a 30 degree angle and 30 knot winds and socially - there is no personal space here. It helps you achieve things you may have thought
were impossible or beyond your reach but with a little self-belief and encouraging staff you can. See you all back in Woombie soon.