37° 1' South
174° 8' East
From Sean Barrett, YC Voyage 00/06

Australia day. Was filled full of preperations and cleaning of the
ship for the much anticipated cocktail party. Also celebrating the
B'day of 'Young Endeavour'. It all went off splendidly thanks to good
orgsanisation and effort from every one involved. With many thanks to
Blue watch during the day.

Every one at the party, including NZ Navy representatives and others,
had a smashing time. The food was great , the bubbly was flowing and
the guests were wowed by the crew's rendition of 'I am Australian'.
Also worth a mention was Fly's inspirational speech.

Friday. We cast off at approximately 1300 to take part in a tall
ships race, which consisted of, 'The Spirit of NZ', 'The Sorenn
Larsen' etc. It was a a pretty good time with everyone getting into
thier costumes. Young Endeavour did the right thing by the Kiwis,
and let them win... Jordo rates a special mention today, it was said
that all of the staffies think he's a bit weird and has bad B.O.