Voyage name: 
V11/18 Newcastle to Brisbane
24 Jun - 04 Jul 2018
27 26.7' S
153 04.2' E

Weather - fine, Wind - SW at 7 knots, Swell - nil, Temp - 17 deg.C

Ahoy there Shipmates,
A well deserved night’s rest anchor at Tangalooma was had by all. I think everyone onboard slept very soundly and for good reason, most were exhausted from Command Day .  Anchor watches were maintained overnight and the Staffies got up at 0445 and weighed anchor at 0515 to be alongside at HMAS Moreton at 0900. We embarked our thirty-three guests for the community day sail, departed the wharf at 1000 and spent three hours sailing in the Brisbane River. The Youth Crew hosted the visitors, conducting tours of the Ship, involving them in setting and furling sails and generally spending time with them while they were onboard.
We dropped our visitors back at HMAS Moreton at 1300 and then the youth crew conducted their end of voyage chats onboard, facilitated by their Watch Leaders. At 1415 our victuals truck arrived to provide us with our provisions for the next voyage. The Youth Crew helped us to unload the truck and embark the victuals, under the watchful eye of Chef Marcus.
Once they returned onboard we had the final edition of ‘Ropies’ and then we conducted the harbour-furl of the square sails. To achieve this all of the Youth Crew proceeded aloft on the yards to fold-up the sails and then stow them inside their UV covers.
Marcus treated us to a pizza night for dinner. The Youth Crew then undertook the final two tasks from Command Day, the reading of a poem about the voyage, composed by Hugo and the viewing of a slide show depicting the voyage, composed by Daniel and Jess. Once the post-voyage administration was complete, we encouraged everyone to ‘hit the sack’ after a long exhausting day!
Until tomorrow.
Yours Aye
Captain Mike