Voyage name: 
22 October - 22 November 2015
35 degrees 47 minutes South
8 degrees 11 minutes East

Currently located 505nm to the WSW of Cape Town sailing under a full press of sail and enjoying strong 18-23kt SSW winds with a 1.5m SW swell. Our current speed is 7.5kts and the temperature is 12 degrees with a Wind Chill Factor of 4 degrees.

Welcome to day 24 of our voyage

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 24 of our voyage. Following some lighter conditions overnight the wind freshened again from the SSW at 0600 this morning which kept the morning watch busy putting the ship under a full press of sail so that we could take full advantage of these great conditions. The large swell that we have experienced for the past week has now dropped down to a more pleasant 1.5m so everyone onboard including the Chef are extremely happy.

Talking of the Chef he again out did himself tonight with some fantastic pizzas. Throughout this voyage it has become a bit of a tradition to have pizza on Saturday nights normally followed by a movie or something else to keep everyone entertained.

Being a Saturday Routine I haven’t got that much news for you as we have keep activities to a minimum (except Cleaning Stations) so that those that need it can catch up on some sleep. This will occur again tomorrow with our Sunday Routine with the World Voyagers even giving Chef ‘Jenko’ the day off by volunteering to cook lunch and dinner so it will be interesting to see what is on the menu.

Currently we are located 505nm WSW of Cape Town sailing under a full press of sail and still enjoying these strong but cold SSW winds which are driving us along at 7-8kts. The wind is forecast to back to the SSE early tomorrow morning which will still assist our passage to Cape Town.

Quickly writing tonight’s log before going aloft for a sunset climb are the Ridiculously Good Looking Watch so please enjoy reading about today’s exploits onboard STS Young Endeavour.

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye
Captain Gav

Late Mail: Tonight Zoe achieved her voyage goal of making it all the way to the Topgallant Yard for sunset, well done Zoe!!

Ahoy Landlubbers,

After a busy night setting, furling and then re-setting sails we awoke this morning to the dulcet tones of our new celebrity sea-master Liam and the symphonic orchestra. The morning was described as being beautiful, the seas were told to be majestic, and the breakfast was filled with promises of croissants and cakes. However, much to our dismay; our trusted sea-master had lied to us. There were no croissants! The wails and cries of our peers that echoed throughout the ship were nothing compared to the dismay of our valiant Captain Gav as the harsh croissantless reality dawned upon us. Luckily, Jenko and his master chefs had still wrestled up something great, in the form of bacon, eggs, fried rice and everyone’s new favourite breakfast cereal All Bran, meaning we could maybe live another day.

The morning started with our regular and always entertaining morning brief with Leighroy giving us his rendition of ‘not so necessary nautical knowledge’ from his own sea fairing adventures. We were all very enlightened, and slightly traumatised. Thanks Leighroy! From there it was onto everyone’s favourite hour of the day, HAPPY HOUR! A time when we all band together to defeat the evil forces of Grime and his villainous henchman Dust.

Adrenaline levels spiked when the sounds of the fire alarm echoed down the busy corridors interrupting happy hour and sending world voyagers scurrying up companion ways to muster at midships in our watches. Our dashing heart throb heroes Evan & Kenny suited up ready to save the day. There was a fire in the galley! Silence echoed across the vast south Atlantic and the very forecastle that we sat upon. After several tense, nail biting minutes the heroes returned with the news that the fire had not been put out, because the fire was a DRILL!

Lunch was delicious as always with spicy chicken laksa clearing our sinuses and burning our lips. Then using Saturday sea routine to our advantage many of us hit our racks for a matter of hours. It is rumoured that Emily slept for 5 hours and even refused to emerge from her slumber for the now traditional Saturday Sir David Attenborough documentary.

Pizza night was divine.

Currently we are bobbing in the Atlantic with a much reduced and comfortable swell. We are under a full press of sail with Ridiculously Good Looking Watch safely and expertly guiding us in the general direction of Cape Town. The tunes are pumping, the sun is setting and the climbs are calling.

Until next time,

Jack and Emily on behalf of Ridiculously Good Looking Watch.


Happy birthday to my beautiful Nan! Hope you’re not giving everyone too much grief you old scoundrel. Miss you loads and can’t wait to hug you. Have the best day, Em xx

p.s. Hey family and friends! I’m never leaving this ship.. I have elaborate stow away plans. Sorry not sorry.

Hey Liam, Leighroy says hey or something along those lines. Said we are docking in Cape Town soon? Em

Hey to all my fans, I can’t name you all as I know there are heaps, just want to say I love you all. Its time to face my fear, we are about to climb up to the very top! Aarrgghh. So if I don’t talk to you in 3 days, you should all know I’ve had a great adventure. Nearly on land, let’s do this! Speak soon. Zoe

Hey Leighroy, it’s Emily here. Liam asked me to say hey back to you. So HEY!

Hey Mum, Dad, and the gang! The days are disappearing quickly and soon my time on this wonderful ship will be complete. It has been amazing! But I look forward to seeing you all again in December - Jack