37° 35' South
163° 14' East
Wind ESE 12 kts, sea and swell low, overcast and cool
Ahoy Me Hearties,

Another great day of sailing across the Tasman has now passed - the wind has started to \play the game\" and has begun to veer to the south a bit. Unfortunately it isn't that strong, so we have has to motorsail for the entire day again. The good news is that the sea has been pretty calm, so we ahve been averaging a good 8-9 knots (about 15-17 km/hr) for the last couple of days. This means that we may be able to make it to Nelson on Tuesday.

Today was pretty routine, as the ship tends to be on long passages. This morning we had morning brief, with the Salty Sea Dog dit \"son of a gun\". After that came \"happy hour\" and then some sail handling was necessary to take advantage of the freshening breeze.

This afternoon came round 4 of rope races, followed by Jaz's amazing weather lecture. After that we had mid-voyage talks, which are an opportunity to reflect on the voyage so far, and mark achievement off against goals set, and to remake goals for the balance of the voyage.

Tonight and tomorrw will continue as quiet and routine days on passage - hopefully the wind will veer a bit and increas so that we can sail under the square sails as well.

Until tomorrow, shipmates,


Chris Galloway
Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer"