37° 16' South
159° 43' East
Wind - Easterly at 5kts, sea state and swell low, sky clear. Motoring at 8 knots.
Well shipmates,

Day three of our passage has been and gone and at last everyone is over their sea sickness. Today we did the usual routine things; morning brief, followed by \happy hour\" (cleaning stations) and then round three of \"rope races\", a learning competition between the watches to show how much they picked up. As a finale today the watches had to act out their favourite TV ad.

This afternoon we had sail theory part one (the \"airfoils suck\" bit) and then three way talks. This is a getting to know you exercise where one member from each watch has to present as though they were another randomly selected member from another watch. It was a real laugh, and we learned more about each other.

As i wrtire we have just driven out into the middle of a 1028 Hpa high and the wind has gradually dropped away. We are now motoring flat out to make up some time in hand so that we can perhaps stop in mid-0cean for a swim if the opportunity presents. Tomorrow we will conduct some more sail handling drills and development exercises if the weather permits.

Please note also that we are having an intermittent problem with our sattellite communications unit and so updates to the Captain's Log may be a little less frequent than usual.

Until tomorrow, shipmates,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer