33° 43' South
151° 27' East
Wind - light North Easterly, sea calm, swell- low SE
Ahoy Shipmates,

It's great to be back at sea again after a five week maintenance period!

Overnight we went to anchor at Athol Bight in Sydney Harbour, just off the ferry wharf at Taronga Park Zoo. During the evening eveyone completed their first climb to the topgallant, so no excuses for going aloft for the rest of the voyage!

This morning we had morning brief, \Happy hour\" (cleaning stations) and the deck safety brief before we got underway at 1100. After Chad's awesome lunch, the team started on thier line handling and deck safety drills, which will be followed by setting and furling drills. Today's objective is to get the team to the stage where we can tack the ship as a crew before sunset, so that if we have to alter course during the night, everyone knows what to do.

At the moment we are striking out for Coff's Harbour, where we hope to get to anchor sometime in the early forenoon on Thursday.

We have only had one person seasick so far (good effort Jos), but I suspect more are not too far away....

Until tomorrow, me hearties,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer"