38° 11' South
166° 31' East
Wind - SE at 10 knots, sea and swell low, sky cloudy, cool.
Ahoy Shipmates,

Here to tell you about their trip so far are YC Adele and Peter:

Hello to all family and friends reading this. Having such a great adventure, learning all the time. Just now we have set the Main Gaff Topsail all by ourselves, which is a major achievement, especially considering we had a 4am start this morning! Some of our other adventures include - climbing aloft (yes we've all made it), we've climbed through all hours of the day and night, privileged to see a sunrise and sunset aloft. Last night was an interesting night for all the crew who are bunked on the starboard side, as the winds have changed, and we now all are falling out of our bunks!!! Food is excellent, looking forward to a block of chocolate though, I've heard a rumour that it may occur tonight!! As of this morning we were 510 NMs from Nelson (NZ).
Yesterday we were lucky enough to see a pod of dolphins, whales and an albatross.

Here is a few personal messages home,

Hi Mum, Dad, Andrew, Jac and BCEC crew - This trip is going too fast!!! While we are so remote, we are surrounded by so many friends, so we haven't even noticed! Looking forward to telling you all the adventures.

Yes Dad I've used a sextant


Hi Michael, Mum, Dad, Alexandra, Breeanne, Stephen, John, family and friends.

Missing you all so much, we are now into the 5th day of the trip which equates to the 2nd day I havent been sick (yes michael I had the yellow highlighter fluid), Yesterday at noon we passed over the halfway point across the tasman. It is so cool just seeing ocean especially from the top of the mast it really gives a different perspective. Today I also sat right out on the front of the ship. Everyone here on the ship is really nice and were great supporting me when I was sea sick. My favourite task so far has been navigation, its great plotting our position on charts using GPS and also the old way i.e. using stars to find our position (with a cool instrument called a sextant) , Sadly I don't have time to right more will have heaps of stories to tell when I see you next.

Stay safe


Team white watch All want to say hi (Adele, Peter, Lou, Sam, Tim, Andrew, Matt, Jess, Shell and our Watch Leader Rach)

Lou says - I spy something begining with \W\"....

Well, you guys are having a great time - until tomorrow shipmates,


Chris Galloway
Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer