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CO's Log Tuesday 29 May 01

Current situation at 2000: At sea somewhere in the Gulf of Carpentaria. Wind sou'WESTERLY at 15 knots.
Last night we had a great rest after many days of round the clock watches, tacking and sailing. At wakey, wakey this morning the YC took over the ship and had a great breakfast going in no time. I handed Command of Young Endeavour to Jennaya McGovern, 20 of Sydney and YC of Voyage 09/01. We sailed at 08:30am and headed south towards Weipa for most of the day - until the wind stopped. We were expecting a good blow, but the wind reversed direction later in the afternoon and we've still got a way to go.

Tomorrow, after the YC get us to our final destination, we'll go into Weipa and embark our guests for the half day sail.

Youth Crew entry by Tanya Smith, 16, of Lindfield.
Today is the command day for the 9th voyage of the Young Endeavour in 2001. For anyone who doesn't know, command day is when the youth crew on the voyage replace all executive positions, sailing the vessel and taking on set missions. Unbelievably, the senior command team voluntarily hand over positions including navigation and cooking. The youth crew elect members who they see capable to fulfil the requirements for positions. The executive elections were voted for yesterday, and were taken over at 6am this morning. The mission (obviously we chose to accept it) is to sail from an anchorage to somewhere close to Weipa, over 70 nautical miles away.

However, that objective is mainly controlled by our youth Captain, Executive Officer and Navigator. My goal is different. I was elected as one of three chefs, and I must say it is a challenge. Fortunately the two others with me are absolute legends. Stevo is acting as Master Chef and Azza is the pancake and jaffle King. Our role started last night, when we prepared the pancake batter and made chocolate crackles. We had organised a menu with the ship's cook, Woody, using the raw ingredients available on board, and previous youth chef menus. After getting up at 5am to prepare breakfast, all went well. Breakfast included Pancakes, hash browns, bacon, and the usual cereal and fruit. Morning tea was chocolate crackles and lunch included salad, cold meat, as well as spagetti bolognase with meatballs as well as jaffles. With luck, we will pull off dinner nicely as well. Food over the voyage has been great.

We have experienced glorious weather, in tropical conditions, all the way from sunny Cairns. Speaking of the sun, one of my many highpoints of the voyage has been on the Topgallant Yard during sunrise or sunset. Hanging onto whatever you can, looking over the water at the 360 degree horizon while adjusting to the pitching ship, amazing. I feel so privileged to be on this voyage, in this Centenary of Federation Year. If anyone reading this is eligible to apply for a voyage, I strongly urge you to. Participating in all the challenges set have changed me in so many ways that could have only occurred during a unique experience like this.

I have learnt to appreciate so many things, everyday things and once in a lifetime experiences like this one. Pushing boundaries and a change from usual comfort zones is an incredible learning experience personally, and socially. I simply can't thank everyone involved with the Young Endeavour enough. My sincere thanks again to everyone onboard YE voyage 09/01, for changing my life. Back to the galley...

Stay tuned

Andrew Davis