16° 48' South
146° 4' East
Currently sailing under fore and aft sails and experiencing strong SE winds at 25-30kts
Ahoy Shipmates,
Due to a wind shift during the early hours of this morning the YC were called to tacking stations at 0330 to wear ship. Once this evolution was successfully completed everyone with the exception of the watch on returned to their bunks for a few more hours of well needed sleep. At morning brief YE was NE of Dunk Island making very good speed due to a strengthening south easterly. Given these conditions I decided to alter course and head out to the outer reef through Flora Passage so that I could give the YC the experience of being outside the sight of land and in complete open water. After lunch and a bit of YC ���free time�� we conducted another set of rope races followed by demonstrational tacks, this time giving all YC the opportunity to experience the procedures for tacking ship from the bridge so that they have a better understanding of the orders and procedures required to successfully carry out this manoeuvre. Given that the wind had now strengthened to 25kts these set of tacks gave the YC a real appreciation of the speed, power and manoeuvrability of YE in these conditions. Once in open water and well clear of the outer reef we again tacked Ship and headed NW to the Grafton Passage and having successfully experienced open sea (including a 3m swell) headed back into the inner reef with the hope of reaching our anchorage at Fitzroy Island by late evening.

At the moment we are still transiting the Grafton Passage with just under 15nm remaining to reach Fitzroy Island.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav