Voyage name: 
V03/18 Sydney to Devonport
29 Jan - 08 Feb 2018
41 07.0' S
145 37.5' E

Weather - fine, Wind - 10 kn from the east, Swell - nil, Temp - 18 deg. C

Ahoy there!

This is my, youth captain Isaac’s, final log. I am sad to announce my early retirement from captaincy; it seems fate found me in the end.

As for the remainder of command day, the adventures continued.

Last we spoke I was setting and bracing the squares in order to capture as much of the 20-30 knot easterly winds as possible.

This was a good plan for we sailed well through the night covering roughly 40 nautical miles and travelling fairly consistently between 5 and 7 knots. We anchored at 0900 this morning after a temporary mutiny by the Staffies for safety and navigation purposes.

We then got cracking with the day’s challenges which involved the "Seamigos" and I putting on an amusing morning brief, including several renditions of the national anthem with different backing tracks. This was swiftly followed by Happy Hour as a clean ship is a happy ship, and in order to kill two birds with one stone and complete an extra task, we polished all the brass aboard ship.

We then set to work using the most advanced and trustworthy methods of the day, also known as drawing names from a hat to decide who was to partake in our Beach Assault Team (BAT) to reclaim land for the YE. After that, lunch was fast approaching so we chucked our harnesses on and got all Youthies to lay aloft. Most notable mentions were AJ and Kate getting to the lower top and Mel M making it to the Topgallant Yard! A great fear challenge for these individuals and an awesome effort for a most memorable experience.

After lunch we set to work constructing a hammock that could support the entire crew and the BAT consisting of Ruby, Mel P (on brief leave from chef with nothing but a filleting knife and raw determination), Sidney, Risa, Jacob, Matt, Kate and Bridgette embarked by paddle boat to reach the beach.

Any spare crew kept up tasks such as compiling a slideshow of the voyage, writing poems and songs or working on educational briefs.

At 1330 the BAT returned after belting out the Australian national anthem by radio broadcast from ashore and dressing up a rock melon as Dwayne “The Rock Melon” Johnson. We soon completed the hammock and took a photo of all the crew in it to celebrate.

Finally, it was time for me to retire and as Captain Mike reclaimed the ship Zac and Alex pulled some awesome back flips off the rope swing.

Overall our new Watch Leaders, Zac, Mel and Gert provided excellent ship protection during the night and maintained our course nicely. Our chefs finished off strong producing a filling breakfast and a delicious, Mexican themed lunch. A fantastic effort and they were miracle workers for crew morale.

Thanks for reading,


Yours Aye



Not all who wander are lost.


Ahoy there Shipmates,


As Youth Captain Isaac detailed, the Command day for the Youth Crew was an incredible journey, a day filled with individual and team discovery, challenges, rewards, lessons, friendships and beauty.


This morning we anchored the Ship just east of Port Sorrel. I took control of the Ship back from Capt Isaac after Lunch, the final meal the youth crew chefs prepared. Then it was time for another short swim and rope swing opportunity prior to commencing the Command Day debriefs to make sure we captured all the lessons people had learnt from the experience.


That was followed by a Teak Deck BBQ dinner and ‘SODS Opera’ (Ship’s Operatic Drama Society), during which the Staffies and the watches all put on 10 minute skits to entertain their shipmates. It was a great night and we uncovered some serious talent in the crew.


Tomorrow we have the Half Day Sail, when the youth crew will host the half-day sailors from The Richmond Fellowship, Tasmania onboard for three hours and show them how much fun it is to sail Young Endeavour.


Until tomorrow,


Yours Aye


Captain Mike