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At sea off Lorne, wind - none, temp 17C

Current situation at 1800:

The YC are having fun - you can judge that because of the number of entries we are getting this evening. We are off Melbourne and will go through the Rip this eveing at midnight to anchor off Portsea for the night. Wednesday is Command Day and I will hand over to the YC tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon. And by the way - we saw some dolphins playing - they turned out to be a huge pod - a conservative number would be about 1,000 (that's ONE THOUSAND) - and they were
GOING OFF - we had an incredible display of dolphin antics - a turely memorable experience.

Youth Crew entry by Peter McCabe, 23 years old from Macquarie Fields/Ashfield.

Just a quick report from sea. The voyage has been very good so far apart from all the sickness. We have been partaking in a few
interesting games, climbing the masts and generally having fun.We have just had an incredible dolphin experience with literally hundreds of them jumping around near the ship and off into the distance. The next big event is tomorrow when the youth crew take command of
the ship, so there may been a headline in the papers in the not too distant future........Young Endeavour wins inaugural sailing cup of
Victoria.Hello to Mum, Beb and Jess.....

Youth Crew Entry by Lisa (rooster), 16 years old, from Mt Gambier SA.

Hay Guys, I am having the best time of my life and if i had the chance to tell you there would not be enough paper. Everyone is great and we are all getting along well, despite the sea sickness. Last nite Ray gave us a wonderful suprise with his artistic expression in painting the deck with his semi digestive dinner. We
did thank him for his efforts. G'Day to Mum, Dad, Critta, Ducky and Benny along with my friends. v

Hi,it is Colleen here
Well...what do I say? or more to the point where do i start? After getting very friendly with the side of the boat and the toilets I have finally found my sea legs. It is wicked here, if you are thinking about comming on the voyage dont hesitate. Today we sailed into a pod of dolphins and it was wonderful to see so manny in the wild.
Tomorrow is camand day and between me and you (and the fact that i am counting the votes) I recon I will get a good job to do for the day.
The most exciting thing I am waiting for is the half day sail, where we take people with disabilities on a trip in our boat. It will be
great to see some of the people I work with in real life again, and it will also be great to know that people with disabilities have acsess to generic enjoyment activities as sailing. To all my friends and family i miss you a lot and i cant wait to be home twistering soon. Colleen McCormak, Vic

Entry by Shona Muir....hello Luke, Nohj, Wends, Al, Johnno, Kaz, Enid and work.... Having a fantastic time on Y.E.. Not much wind but still
lots of sailing, climbing, eating, dolphin watching, laughing and learning. Hoping to get someone onboard for a cruise on Fri. Hope all
is well, lol, Shone NSW.

Stay tuned,

Andrew Davis