16° 56' South
145° 47' East
Wind SE 10 kts, cool (for Cairns) with the odd shower about. Isn't this the dry season.
Ahoy Shipmates,

Firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Commander Andrew ���Gunna' Rourke and I have taken over command of this fine ship for the voyage Cairns to Darwin. I'm a bit of a Young Endeavour junkie having been part of the first crew in 1988, was the Commanding Officer in 1999/2000 and I try and come back as often as I can enabling Gavin Dawe, the permanent skipper, to take a break. Sailing with me is my very good friend Dion Curtis, who has also commanded the ship, and it's a thrill to have him back onboard. Paul McDowell the usual second in Command is a watch officer, Bel Wyard is the Boats officer, Adam Farley is the Navigator, Shayne Firth is Blue Watch Leader, Jess Barr is the White Watch Leader, Dutchy Van Putten is Red Watch, Chad Morgan is the Chef supremo and Josh Bignell is the engineer for the voyage. We also have Kylie Flynn onboard who is a trained medic and this is her first time in the ship. A great team of professionals.

The 24 Youth Crew (YC) arrived onboard at 1500 along with some friends and relatives who came down to say farewell. At 1530 I introduced myself and the ���Staffies' to the YC and then it was time for the guests to depart and the YC were quickly organised to heave in on berthing lines and handle the fenders. We slipped from our berth at the Cairns Naval Base at 1600 and proceeded a short distance up Trinity Inlet where the ship anchored. Once at anchor all watches completed ���ice breakers' before commencing ship tours. The YC then learnt that I was telling them the truth regarding Chads cooking as in his normal fashion he had cooked up a storm. Following dinner I had a chat with the YC and outlined my expectations of them and what they can expect to encounter. Dion then gave them the ���do's and don'ts' talk and then it was into climbing safety and hopefully by late evening we will see all YC attempt their first climb of the fore mast before finally turning in for their first nights sleep onboard YE.

Chat to you tomorrow.

Yours Aye

Captain Gunna