33° 1' South
152° 5' East
Currently located 19nm to the SE of Port Stephens sailing on a broad port reach under full plain sail and experiencing strong 20-22kt NE winds with a 1.5m following sea (perfect sailing conditions)
Hi Everyone,
Welcome to Day 6 of the voyage. Following a good run down the coast Young Endeavour entered Port Stephens this morning coming safely to anchor in Nelson Bay at 0900. Following morning brief we had a visit from our local meteorologist LCDR Paige Butcher, RANR who had kindly agreed to join us for the morning to present one of her very informative meteorology lectures. On completion of this lecture cleaning stations (Happy Hour) was conducted then the Youth Crew were ferried ashore to the local marina were they spent the first 40 minutes completing mid voyage talks before being let loose on the tourist friendly township of Nelson Bay. While ashore the YC took advantage of the warm weather by swimming at the local beach and enjoying all of the other tourist attractions available to them. By 1500 everyone was back onboard and following another quick swim, the anchor was weighed and Young Endeavour departed Port Stephens. Once in open water, the ship was called to tacking stations and over the next hour we completed 4 very good demonstrational tacks. On completion of this activity a new course was shaped for Botany Bay, which given the favourable north easterly conditions is to be our next anchorage.

Overnight the YC will complete the ���Apples and Onions�� exercise (peer assessment and communication exercise) and continue to hone their newly found mariner skills in preparation for the fast approaching Command Day.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav