32° 46' South
152° 27'
Course 310, Speed 7kts, Wind 000/18kts, Temp 18, Clear Skies
Yesterday was a busy day with a very steep learning curve for the youth crew. Anchor was weighed at 1030 and the ship motored out of Sydney Heads in glorious sunshine with a light northerly wind. Line handling and sail setting drills were conducted and by late afternoon with a stronger breeze blowing the crew were ready for their first tack. Three tacks were successfully conducted before the ship settled down for the evening, working to windward against the freshening northerly.

Wind increased to 20-25kts during the evening and seasickness became a problem for some of the crew. The ship tacked at 0400 this morning and we are currently closing the coast in the vicinity of Port Stephens. Wind has eased somewhat and we can expect to be close hauled for the next 24 hrs as we head towards Coffs Harbour, our intended anchorage for tomorrow evening.

Today the training continues with a navigation lecture and 'rope races' scheduled.

Chat tomorrow