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CO's Log Wednesday 20 Jun 01

Current situation at 1800: At anchor Darwin Harbour. Temp 26C, wind 120 at 5 knots.
We arrived in Darwin at lunch today and harbour furled the sails and had some end of voyage discussions and reflected on our Voyage from Weipa to Darwin. It's great to be here, finally and tonight we can relax and enjoy our last few hours on board. On Thursday we will berth at the Darwin Naval Base at 1000 and complete the voyage.

Youth crew entry by Jason Traves, 23, from Thornleigh.
The last 17 days have been a surreal montage of experiences. Even the grounding effects of seasickness did nothing to improve my sense of reality. It has been a fantastical voyage of discovery that I will never forget. While the experience is yet to reveal its full impact, I am sure that life will never be the same again.

Days washed into days and it seems only yesterday that we left Weipa. In this time we have climbed aloft, eaten fabulous food, enjoyed mid-afternoon slumbers on deck and all the while, lived in the lunch boxes of 23 other Youth Crew members.

I don't want to leave this experience behind yet I am itching to get back and continue my life. For myself, YE has not been a voyage of self discovery - I knew who I was before I came here. For me, these 17 days have been a realisation that all my hopes and dreams are legitimate and worth chasing. I cannot wait to get home and start afresh, renewed by the bliss of escapism that you can only get from heading out to sea under sail. If only the sights and sounds and smells could be bottled and savoured in the future. Thank goodness for the memories and the 4 rolls of film.

Youth crew entry by Broderick 'FLOYDY' Floyd (16/Euroa/Vic).
HI MUM + DAD As the encrusted vomit dries over the hull in the midmorning sun and we sail into the Harbour of Darwin I feel a sense of contentment in the knowledge that tomorrow will be my last day at sea (EVER). But also a sense of regret in the knowledge that I will probably never again meet such a great group of people and share in the feeling of togetherness and thus end my 14 day pilgrimage to the land of Comatose. I yesterday managed to digest my first meal in seven days much to the surprise of the rest of the youth crew and began to function in a semi-normal way. (And I mean semi). This voyage has been one of the most challenging experiences in my life and one I am never ever going to forget.

Jackie says Hi to everyone again.

Youth crew entry by Tegan Sime, 19, and Rhys Hart, 18.
Hard to believe that we've finally reached the end of the voyage. Most of the youth crew don't want it to end but most of us are leaving with the highest spirits (except for Floyd who yakked for 14 days straight..........needless to say he's looking forward to getting back on solid ground for good). There is something to be said for the lustre of sailing under the power of the wind, but for most of us on YE, that something means something totally different from person to person. Suffice to say that all of us, especially floydie, learnt something about ourselves and the world in which we live. It has been the most outstanding experience and is by no means the end either. There are so many stories that we would love to share with you all, and if you are willing to sit down with us we would all be happy to tell them. If you are reading this, trying to decide whether or not to do a voyage, take our advice and don't hold back, there is so much for you to discover and you will not be disappointed. Big Kisses to Dad, lozzy, jas and Mum and all.

Stay tuned

Andrew Davis