33° 48' South
151° 22' East
Fine, a little rainy but fine now. Sun's out
Ahoy Shipmates,

Another voyage begins - V08/06 is off to a flying start. We sailed
yesterday afternoon at 1600 and went to anchor in Farm Cove adjacent to the
Sydney Opera House. After icebreakers and a ship tour, we sampled some of
Chad's awesome fare in the Galley, before our first climb. By 2330 all of
our youth crew members had climbed to the Topgallant yard, 34m off the

This morning we had morning brief, where we hoisted the white ensign and
sang the national anthem, and found out what the plan for the day was.
After a forenoon of line handling and deck safety, we had another great
feed from cafe Chad, before sailing at 1300. We have just left Sydney heads
and are in the middle of learning to set, furl, brail and clew all of the
sails onboard. Once this is done we will do several practice tacks to
ensure that we can safely turn the ship about the wind as a crew.

There are a few seasick heads already, but there will be no escape until
Thursday, when weather permitting we will anchor at Coff's Harbour.

Until tomorrow, shipmates,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Lieutenant Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer