39° 51' South
177° 27' East
Wind NNE 18 knots, sea slight, weather clear and warm.
Ahoy, Me Hearties,

Since the last log entry we have been busy coming to terms with sailing the ship - late yesterday afternoon we tacked her for the first time as a crew, which is a pretty awesome achievement given that the voyage was just 24 hours old.

Overnight the Youth Crew settled down into their watchkeeping routines, learning to do rounds (hourly safety inspection), steer the ship, conduct navigation, set and furl all of the sails, and this morning wash down the decks.

After morning brief we had \happy hour\" (cleaning stations) forllwed by a bit of free time. After lunch round 1 of rope races went off to the Blue Watch, but not without a protest! We then had a sail theory lecture, followed by Gav's rule of the road extravaganza. There was a plan to stop for a swim, but unfortunately the wind came up to 18 knots and put paid to that.

Tonight we will have the Bear Execrcise in our watches, which is an exercise in teamwork, leadership, and communication. If all goes according to plan we should come to anchor in Hicks Bay near East Cape after lunch tomorrow.

Until then shipmates,

Yours Aye


Chris Galloway
Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer"