Voyage name: 
Trans Tasman
12 January - 29 January
Northerly 15KTS

Hello Everyone,

Well, what a difference a day makes! Over the last 24 hours we have
motor sailed a fantastic 242 NM (400KM) at an average speed of about
ten knots. The sailing is great with the Youth Crew keeping watch and
working the ship.

One of the cool things about being the Captain is that you can decide
what day it is - we missed Ian "Hibbo" Hibbard's birthday on Monday,
so we retarded clocks 48 hours and had a surprise birthday cake for
him. He was - surprised! It is now Wednesday again, and we will
advance clocks another hour tonight to coincide with New Zealand
time. Tomorrow morning early we will lmake landfall on the northern
most point of NZ, and spend the day coasting into the Bay of Islands
where we should be able to come to anchor in the quarrantine
anchorage at historic Russell by sunset.

Now a word from Youth Crew Member Megan, from Singleton in the
Hunter Valley...

Good day everyone, it is another beautiful day in the Tasman Sea and
we could not ask for much more. I started the day off by rising at
six to prepare the "Speedy's Special Breakfast Menu' for our 30+
crew. My voyage has been terrific, a little batch of sea sickness at
the beginning and the excitement of swimming in the Tasman Sea about
two days ago. Hopefully tomorrow, touch wood we shall arrive in Opua
and anchor for the night making our way down to Auckland in that time
probably Sun or Monday we'll commence our 'Command Day' where the
youth crew take command for the day, it will be an eventful day.
Anyway that is enough from me, one more thing a Big Happy Birthday
for my dad, Steve.
From Megan

Until tomorrow, Shipmates,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Lieutenant Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer