Voyage name: 
Trans Tasman
12 January - 29 January
Wind South East 18KTS

Ahoy Shipmates!

Just when I thought things were going well, the weather has done it's
thing - we are now hard on the breeze, motor sailing at a fast 8.5
knots, but being pushed well north of our intended track by a fresh
easterly breeze. The Youth Crew are experiencing a large Tasman Sea
swell from the South West, which is running at 3-4 metres: the surf
will be pumping on the west coast beaches of the North Island of

Today after "happy hour" (a "Brasso Day" in fact) we handed(took
down) some sail as the wind increased, and conducted "rotational
tacksd". This is a practical exerise aimed at getting the wathces
used to tacking the ship from different stattions, so that when
command day comes around eveyone knows everybody else's job.

Now a word from returnee Youth Crew Member Anna...

Hi Everyone,
Missing you all heaps but having a fantastic time on board!! Great
staff, great crew and pretty good weather - its not too rough which
is fine by me! We havn't seen land since Friday night and probably
wont again until this Friday. We went for a swim in the middle
of Tasman Sea yesterday - fantastic!
To all those from Picton Swim Team going on the camp on Tuesday -
have a great time! Take lots of photos so I can see how much fun you
have. Sorry I cant be there.
Chris, I cant wait til our day sail - you'll love it!!
See yas, Love Anna

Until tomorrow, Shipmates,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Lieutenant Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer