27° 4' South
153° 18' East
Wind SW 15 knots, expecting a southerly front soon. Cool with showers.
Ahoy Me Hearties,

Welcome to the voyage log for V14/07! I will be filling in the log daily in the late afternoon, so you will get an update on what we are all up to and where the ship is.

So far we have had a pretty busy time getting started - last night we sailed from Dockside, berthing at Bulimba Barracks shortly after 4.45pm. During the evening we had ship's tours and introductions, followed by our first climbs to the topgallant yard, 30m off the water. Just about everyone made it up.

This morning we started with early morning activity, followed by breakfast at Chad's \Road Kill Grill\". Colours was at 0800, when we raised the white ensign, and sang the national anthem. We then had \"happy hour\" - (a clean ship is a happy ship:) and got into safety briefs etc. We also had to change out our No.2 Jib for a smaller sail in anticipation of the strong winds forecast out at sea.

We sailed a little later than usual at 1200, and are now entering the NW channel and heading up towards Caloundra, where we turn to the south and commence our passage to Sydney. The forecast has a gale warning extant, with heavy seas on a developed SE swell. In these conditions it may not be possible to get into Coff's Harbour, where we were planning to have our first anchorage. We will have to wait and see what the weather gods bring us!

Once we have completed our first tacks (hopefully before sunset), we will settle down into our watches overnight, batten down the hatches and see waht happens next.

Until tomorrow, Shipmates,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer"