31° 59' South
153° 3' East
Wind NNE 5-7 knots, swell low, temp 22 deg, partly cloudy
Ahoy Me Hearties,

Welcome to today's log - we have had a busy 24 hours getting to know the ship and \the ropes\". After achieving our first tacks late yesterday afternoon we went into watches overnight. During the night all watches climbed aloft and learned how to steer, do \"rounds\", and keep lookout.

This morning we started with morning brief at 0900, followed by \"happy hour\" and a tack to meet a wind change. Before lunch we spent time in the company of a large pod of Pilot whales, which have joined the dolphins who have been our regular companions as we passage north to godzown country in Queensland...

This afternoon we had round 1 of \"rope races\" follwed by the sail theory and navigation briefs. This evening we will settle down into another night of watches, getting to know the ship and each other.

Tomorrow morning we should make our anchorage at Coffs Harbour, followed by some sport ashore and hopefully a BBQ at the Yacht Club.

Until then, shipmates,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer"