27° 11' South
153° 19' East
Wind - Gale Force 30 - 40 knots, overcast showers, cold, sea moderate to rough in the bay.
Ahoy Shipmates!

What an awesome 24 hours it has been - after we left Moreton Bay last night we sailed into a full-blown storm! There was rain, and lots of wind - up to 60knots (110kmh) abd the sea was very rough. Due to the wind direction we were unable to make any grouynd towards Sydney, so this morning at about 0200 we put her about, and have been heading back into Brisbane ever since.

Unfortuately we were unsable to find a tenable anchorage off Moreton Island, so we are now heading back up the Brisbane River to Bulimba Barracks where we will arrive, tired, storm beaten, but not defeated at about 2200 this evening.

Tomorrow we will get back into the development program, and complete minor repair work for some equipment which was damaged overnight.

The team rose well to the challenge, and although most were seasick, the work got done and we sailed the ship well - this has been an amazing team building opportunity for evey one.

The weather forecast is for gale force winds, abating later tomorrow, so I think we will probably recommence our passage south on Friday.

Until tomorrow, me hearties,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer